Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A summer off, I hope. Nothing but swimming and wandering. I've been so busy that I wonder if I've forgotten how to write. This evening another blazing hot day is ending in a storm. The sky's dramatic and the rain's started to hit the path to the front door. I watched a woman on a red lilo floating on an almost flat sea this morning. The picture seemed to sum up Brighton.

A couple of weeks ago I was at the Avignon Festival with two friends and work colleagues. We were taking part in workshops and watching performances. It was a luxury to see so much work, to witness the incredible dance of Joseph Nadj and the art work of Miguel Barcelo in the Eglise des Celestins. Nadj's piece, Asobu, was based on the writing of Michaux - bizarre, hallucinogenic images.

There were incredible storms in Avignon. We finally saw the Nadj piece at past midnight in the Palais des Papes. It was the company's second performance of the night - the previous day it had been cancelled because of the rain. The dancers' energy was astonishing.

The week fed me. It took me out of the mundane. Back into the surreal.