Thursday, October 26, 2017

A hand reaching out of the sky

My daughter emailed to ask for a list of Black poets for a course mate and yes, I had some solid suggestions, but to make sure I hadn't forgotten anyone crucial, I did a google search.

Was it the time of day, was it a freak accident? What indeed happened for Google to place, at the top of my results, a blouse (black) with 'poets' sleeves' or a black sofa which a company has awarded the name 'poet'?

The world's four most valuable brands sit in our hands - Apple, Google, Microsoft and Facebook. Google's owner has claimed the word, Alphabet and Apple the fruit of late summer and autumn (and, for some, paradise). Facebook has claimed our hands themselves.

And so I look to the hand coming out of the clouds. When I saw it in Ravenna I thought it was in the sea, not waving but drowning, to quote a fabulous English poet. Now I know, thanks to Jane Fordham, it's coming out of the sky and it's about to give a thumbs up.

Not the blue thumbs up of a like but a thumbs up to fear. Yes, I confess to posting pics of a new haircut and other pointless information, like this outside a pub on Lewes Road. And so time gushes away.

Is the hand that prefers to swipe and like, rather than dig and harvest to blame for the insects disappearing - hoverflies, wasps, house flies, beetles - and with them larks, swallows, swifts?

And is the hand coming out of the clouds the one to help me (and you) up onto the roof for a better view?

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