Monday, February 16, 2015


A man in the greengrocer looked through me as I stood at the till with mangoes and avocados in my hands.

He turned to a young man behind and got out a plastic bag. The young man looked embarrassed, pointed to me and said, "That lady was first." The shop owner looked at me again. I could see him focussing his eyes. He was frowning. I put the fruit down on the counter and left. As I walked away, he was calling, "I didn't see you."

I walked away from some teaching too. I was asked to change how I work to satisfy two vocal complainers. My boss asked me to teach the way he did. At least six other students got in touch to say how much they'd enjoyed my collaborative approach.

To be able to walk away is the joy of being freelance. For once, I was blessed to have no contract, no notice period, no bureaucracy to keep me there. And I feel lighter.