Thursday, November 28, 2013

Skank, sket, drab, strum, scrubber

A feature in the Guardian on 26 November quoted a young man on sexual violence against girls and young women and the pressure put on them to give in to demands for sex: "[She thinks] these people are going to look after me and they care about me […] that female usually ends up getting a name … whore, sket, dirty girl, smig," said one 27-year-old male (Guardian 26 November 2013). 

The quote reminded me of two visual poems I created: the first, 'Words for Women', which appeared in Binders Full of Women and is now in Woman's Head As Jug. 

The second is 'Prostitute', published here for the first time. It uses fewer synonyms but places them between a comprehensive collection of women's first names. Many of these names, given at birth, mean light, grace, or love.

The Brighton launch of Woman's Head as Jug is tonight - November 28 - 7.30 for 8 pm at the Red Roaster cafe in Kemp Town: