Friday, November 23, 2012

The gathering past

In the Hartington pub last night with Ludlow Jane and Deborah, Deborah mentioned the old mistakes pushing themselves forward, occupying space in her mind. Old mistakes, remembered with a wince, sometimes a cold sweat. It's no good pushing them out - they come back knocking on the door like the phone 'surveys' from remote call centres.

Old friends, though, are always welcome. They turn the past into a sunnier place. They come from a secure, known world where there were no student loans, less screens, where there was a lot still to experience. Yesterday, at Goldsmiths, two groups of students raised my spirits with their sense of the future. Both groups are doing life writing. It's emotional, sometimes painful. But they respect one another.

The train driver on the way home was a virtuoso performer, a delightful eccentric.