Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Unknown artists

Detail of a painting by Kate Rook 
You find them in jumble sales, charity shops, car boot sales - paintings by unknown artists. You might buy one for its frame, for the cat's face staring back at you. I have a woman who reminds my mother of her awful aunt, another a line of cottages by the sea where I've always wanted to live. The cat's face is perfect but the robin sitting close by is way too small. The snow on this boy's wellies and coat only shows in a digital photo - in the print itself you'd need perfect eyesight to notice. Each of the childrens' faces in this large painting of a school and playground on a snowy day is individual. Intriquing, isn't it, that an artist can pay such attention, be so precise and be untraceable. What happened to Kate Rook?

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