Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The North comes south

l to r: Sarah Salway, Liz Bahs, Peter Sansom, Ann Sansom,
Lin Lundie, Michaela Ridgeway, Rebecca Farmer
The Poetry Business, publisher of iconic magazine The North, is celebrating its 25th anniversary and its two directors, Peter and Ann Sansom have been on the road for months.
Their tour included a weekend masterclass at Chesworth Arts Farm in Horsham to bring November to a brilliant conclusion.
Both are inspirational poets and workshop leaders. Peter's book Writing Poems (Bloodaxe) is a classic. Many of the UK's leading poets have been published in The North, often at the start of their careers. The Poetry Business pamphlets, too, offer a good representation of the state of British poetry.
What made the masterclass work so well? 10 willing participants, lots of writing, intelligent reading, logs, biscuits, coffee and tea, the quiet of Chesworth - stepping out of the everyday and seeing it differently.

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