Thursday, July 14, 2011

Morning carcasses

The cat left miniscule guts on the stairs for me, too
I found two of the night's carcasses this morning in Sheepcote Valley - one defiant, the other already submitting to brambles.
They remind me of enormous surreal sculptures I saw in a club in Brixton in the 1980s. Was it the Academy? Sculptures made of metal, insect like, precursors of the fantasy worlds created in clubland now.
When I brought the dog back to my neighbour there was a circus van parked outside her house. Cirque Kinetique....probably off to Latitude where my son's selling donuts this weekend...and my daughter's at the Avignon Festival for the first time - a festival I went to three years in a row with Jane Fordham. It was that experience that gave rise to the work we are now doing together. We met yesterday again to complete two more books. These are one-off pieces that are the result of shared thinking, research, ideas.
It is, in fact, a unique collaboration - we are not illustrating one another's work, we are drawing from the same well, shaping one another's work, allowing circumstances, materials, instinct to direct us. We are being confronted with the consequences of chance decisions, seemingly random links and yet both of us know that there is a seam running through we can trust. We have produced several books and are mapping the experience in a private blog.

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