Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Signs and augurs

The year's worst week had passed by the time I saw this depressed van outside Worthing station. The far wall on a street corner shows the sun was out - all day, in fact. But during that trough that we name melancholy, misery, gloom, despondencydespair, desolation, doldrums, SAD, slumpdeclinedownturn, blues, hollow, standstill, dent, cavitydip, pit, hole, trough, crater, basin and bowl, one Sunday, the sun came out.  Brighton rushed to the seafront to double the effect - sun reflected off chalk and sea at Rottingdean so we were in a light tunnel.
I made lists during those days of what I could do to feel better, wrote letters, sent packages I'd had on my desk for days. And standing in the London Road post office, all that was left when the Co-op closed, I wondered what it reminded me of. It was pre-revolution Romania.
This is the view to the right as you queue. The next most constructive use of the Co-op was DreamThinkSpeak's installation last May where the poverty of consumerism was spliced with brilliance of the Cherry Orchard.
 I took the depressed van on my phone from a distance.  The linguistic brilliance isn't obvious because the business strapline is missing. It's an ironing service.

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