Monday, April 12, 2010

A new collection growing

A new collection's gathering as I find more time to write - spurred on by blowsy blossom and a trip to Ludlow to see Jane. Ludlow's exceptionally quiet compared to Brighton's constant sirens, car alarms and 4 am drunks and although I was there for less than a week, it's recharged me. I've come back home feeling determined to make more time for writing.

The more time I spend with friends, the more I want to write poems that make sense of our lives, of passing 50, of the changes that happen often outside our control. Just before I left, I was sifting through poems I've written over the last few years and I realised they fell into three groups effortlessly, that maybe I even had a start and a finish.

This collection feels like I've grown it organically. I want to give it three months intensive work this summer and I think it'll be nearly where I want it to be.

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