Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hags and lads

Another whiteout this morning in common with with most of the UK, and I've already eaten my packed lunch. Is it a primitive reflex when temperatures drop? I shouldn't be eating. I'm planning a party. A friend surprised me last night by offering to bring salad. I had anticipated cheesy puffs from Lidl and dips, plus drink and dancing. I guess people might expect pies, bread and cheese. I'm surprised by the enthusiasm for it, but then there were so few parties over Xmas. I invited someone I hardly know by mistake on Facebook and there is a shortage of men. I am not going to any more women-only parties this year.

How does that no single men thing work? Say the 50 something men are with 40 something women. The forty something men are with 30 something women. The 30 something men are with 20 something women. So that leaves two floating groups - 50 something women and 20 something men. Society's hags and lads.

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