Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Margaret Hodge's reported comments that white Brits should be given priority over new immigrants when housing's allocated are so deeply suspect as to be incredible.

I listened to the radio thinking she must have been misreported. But this was Radio 4. So reliable. Her comments are what I might expect from an extreme right wing Conservative because these days, not even a moderate Tory would dare voice what Hodge said.

Hours after hearing her opinions, my daughter came home from school and told me a 12 year old in her year had been beaten up because he's from Pakistan. He was on a life support machine, a trainer brand imprinted on his face.

This is the reality away from your dining room and cosy constituency office, Hodge.

It's the boys and girls at school, in parks, on their way to and from football or basketball, visiting friends, who feel the impact of this racist rubbish adults spout.

You should know better. You're well enough in tune with how the media works to be aware of where your comments would go. Let's hope they lead to you being deselected when your local party picks its candidates again.

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