Wednesday, January 12, 2022

The shed


The garden shed backing onto the cemetery is just about up but may not have another summer in it. I'll do my best. I'm attached to the graffiti inside, from when the kids were young, for the view through the window, its old CD, model lion, the sun and a lamp for later. 

News from the allotment, two nights running sheds have been attacked. The first night windows were smashed, a strimmer and screwdriver were reported missing, so all a bit petty, the second night people cut a hole in the fence, found lead and copper in a couple of sheds, smashed windows and broke doors. 

It reminded me of the wholesale theft of copper on Madeira Drive a few years ago, and I wonder if it's more proof of far poorer times, the rising value of copper, the Brexit reminded me of the organised theft of plums allotment-wide last summer, driven I suspect by gentrified Brighton and restaurants boasting foraged food. How desperate do we need to be for change? 

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