"The poems lead round to the other side of things like a Mobius strip: the reader begins in one place on a seemingly ordinary day and suddenly there we are, on the other side of it all with no memory of how we arrived at this suddenly cold and threatening destination…."                                                                             Dr Charles Bennett, reviewing Party, 2000

Poetry collections

Black Slingbacks, Slow Dancer Press (1991) ISBN: 978-1871033120
Powder Tower, Arc (1995) ISBN: 978-0946407866
Outside Left, Ha'penny Press (1999) ISBN: 978-1898472483
Party, Leviathan (2000) ISBN:978-1903563045
Fever Tree, Arc (2003) ISBN: 978-1900072847
Commandments, Arc (2007) ISBN: 978-1904614005
Woman's Head As Jug, Arc (2013) 


The Golden Shovel Anthology: New Poems Honoring Gwendolyn Brooks (University of Arkansas Press, 2017)
Writing Motherhood (Seren, 2017)
Poems for a Liminal Age An anthology of poems in support of Medecins sans Frontieres(SPM Publications, 2015)
Wenlock Poetry Festival Anthology (2015)
Her Wings of Glass (Second Light Publications, 2014)
The Needlewriters (2014)
Poems of the Decade An Anthology of the Forward Books of Poetry (2014)
Binders Full of Women's Poems (2013)
50 Poets for Oxfam, CD, ed. Todd Swift (2006)
The Book of Hopes and Dreams, ed. Dee Rimbaud (2006)
Contraflower: A New Poetic Underground, ed. Sarah Annetts, Peter Johnson, Scriberazone (2005)
The Poetry Cure ed. Julia Darling, Bloodaxe Books (2005)
The River Wey Project, University of Surrey, November (1999)
Outside Left, Ha'penny Press (1999)
In Dark Times, An Anthology of Poetry from the Echo Room 1985-95, Echo Room Press (1995)
As Girls Could Boast, Oscars Press (1994)
Virago New Poets, Virago, (1993) 
Agenda Anthology of New Poetry (1992)

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The Workshop Handbook for Writers (Arc Publications, 2016) Ebook ISBN 978-1910345-03-0
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The North 52, 2014
Missing the Nile: Experiences of Sudanese People in Brighton, Queenspark Books (2005) ISBN: 978-0904733228


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