National Poetry Day

* Johannesburg 2013. A poem for the Golden Shovel anthology commemorating Gwendolyn Brookes. Commissioned December 2013. 
• Rice Pavilion – a poem. Jubilee Library, Brighton, August 2007.
• Farnham Maltings, Festival of Words, poem for a path – Julian Belmonte, potter, 2007.
• Alphabetic: Project Poetry! The South - poem for animation, 2003/4 (2006 British Panorama, London International Animation Festival). Shortlisted Komedia Final Cut Film of the Year 2009.
• Table Service, The Sanctuary Café, Hove, 2003, poem for walls.
• Brand New Art, Unilever/Lever Faberge, January 2003: poems for management offices, Kingston on Thames.
• Brand New Art, Helen Storey, January 2003, poem for a dress.
• South East Museums service, January 2003: Black Box project.
• Waverley Borough Council, December 2001: Broadwater Oak.

Waverley Council commissioned me to write a poem
based on Walter  Bailey's sculpture, Broadwater Oak.
The poem is Walking and appears in Fever Tree.

• PULP, Fabrica gallery, Brighton, July/August 2001.
• Lever Brothers, October 2000: poem card National Poetry Day.
• Kent County Council, November 1999: North Downs Way.
• Surrey University, November 1999: River Wey project. 

Sanctuary cafe, Brighton

Bowl of rice

Here is a bowl of rice -
for this your mother summons clouds
and disperses them.

She diverts rivers into each day of your life.
Birds sing for her in waterfields
drawing grain from stalk and leaves.
Mountains lend her echoes,
the snow from their peaks.

Her spoon serves a blessing of turmeric
to every lover you’ll know.
With it come bellows, a clink of charcoal,
fingers spread like rakes
through midnight’s shared groan.

Here is a bowl of rice -
for this your mother summons clouds
and disperses them.

Commissioned for The Rice Pavilion, Jubilee Library Brighton

Commissioned by Brighton Arts Review for a poetry and photography project 2003
The archbishop goes down to the river is a poem I was commissioned to write
as part of Perspectives on the Wey in 2001. It isn't in any of my collections
but appeared in a limited edition pamphlet with photos and prints. The poem
tells the story of an archbishop and a pike and their historic links with Guildford in Surrey.